Today’s Headlines

  • Governor Brown signs law ending criminal penalties for youths who evade fares on transit (SF Gate)
  • Sacramento RT to raise money by selling naming rights for its stations (Sacramento Bee)
  • Disagreements heat up over mountain bike trails in East Bay Regional Parks (Mercury News)
  • Results of latest cap-and-trade auction expected today (Sacramento Bee)
  • Cap-and-trade bill calls for focus on local pollution (LA Times)
  • California’s climate change policies prove that you can fight climate change and grow the economy (NBC News)
  • With climate change, mosquitoes are winning and salmon are losing (San Diego Union-Tribune)
  • Proposed federal congestion management rules meet with widespread opposition (Transportation for America)
  • Norway isn’t exactly banning gas-powered cars, but it is making them harder to get and to use (Fast CoExist)

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1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. > “Sacramento RT to raise money by selling naming rights for its stations”

    That’s just embarrassing. A city so unable to fund it’s basic services it sells its station naming rights. Why stop there? Why not just rename Sacramento to the highest bidder?

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