Today’s Headlines

  • Metro plans pedestrian bridge from Burbank Airport to Metro station (LA Times)
  • Sausalito complains about all the bikes, but not the cars? (Sacramento Bee)
  • Fremont uses Safe Routes to Schools funds to remove a bike lane (Systemic Failure)
  • Everything Metro LA wants to build in the next 40 years (Curbed LA)
  • Homeowners resist removal of wall that creates a dangerous blind corner (Desert Sun)
  • In praise of Trader Joe’s parking lots (Strong Towns)
  • MIT is designing a signal-free intersection (Fast Company)
  • Key regulations on ride-share apps remain undecided (Monterey Herald)
  • Regulators propose a plan to mitigate Aliso methane leak (LA Times)
  • Google asks feds to allow cars without steering wheels, brakes (San Jose Business Journal)
  • Mobile communications are altering travel behavior, mode choice (Transportationist)

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  • Prinzrob

    As far as I can tell the Fremont project referenced in the Systemic Failure post does not in fact remove any bike lanes. It does remove right turn slip lanes at that intersection, and pedestrian pork chop islands that were previously blocking the bikeway through the intersection. Here’s the project concept plan from the SR2S grant application: