Today’s Headlines

  • Today: AARP call to support L.A. Mobility Plan (AARP)
  • California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard is a crucial tool for fighting climate change (Capitol Weekly)
  • An old idea in new wrapping: SPUR proposes another San Francisco Bay rail crossing (SPUR)
  • Protestors speak up for bike lanes in South L.A. (My News LA)
  • Obama budget would shift money from highways to transit and connectivity–but doesn’t have a chance of passing (CityLab)
    • But it would mean a lot of money for L.A., Orange County (Mass Transit)
  • Tech is good, but we need transportation planning too (Mobility Lab)
  • Toyota creates “crash test cyclist” to help develop self-driving cars (Cycling Weekly)
  • Why people should explore cities by bike (Momentum Mag)
  • Here’s a great use for a huge historic factory: a cycling activity center (Bike Biz)
  • Study: Lower life expectancy in U.S. due to guns, drugs, and cars (Planetizen)
  • The world’s most stress-free—and spectacular—commute? Cable cars in La Paz (Guardian)

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