Today’s Headlines

  • Menlo Park considers three bike safety plans (San Jose Mercury News)
  • Over $1 million in cap-and-trade funds remain unspent (LA Times)
  • Two appointments made to CA high-speed rail board (Fresno Bee)
  • High-speed rail may take longer, but cost less, says chief (LA Times)
  • What good is a sharrow? (Fast CoExist)
  • Crunching data from New York City bike-share (Next City)
  • Why aren’t more people riding e-bikes? (Guardian)
  • Using virtual reality to test transit routes (Wired)
  • Companies developing self-driving cars push DMV for looser regulations (Gov Tech)
  • Car companies are trying out the idea of “fractional ownership”—car-ownership-sharing? (Tech Crunch)

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  1. I think your synopsis of the LAT article on cap-and-trade funding is off by a bit. The article says $1 Billion is left unspent, not million

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