#DamienTalks 29: Coalitions, Taxes and Placemaking with Jessica Meaney

This week #DamienTalks with Jessica Meaney, a longtime friend of Streetsblog and the founder of the Los Angeles based Investing In Place. Meaney has been a leading fighter for equity in transportation planning and funding by mode, by geographic need and by economic need.

Meaney (right, pictured with her friend and fellow Streetsie winner Alissa Walker) was Streetsblog Los Angeles' advocate of the year in 2013.
Meaney (right, pictured with her friend and fellow Streetsie winner Alissa Walker) was Streetsblog Los Angeles’ advocate of the year in 2013.

Today we focus on Meaney’s efforts to insure that any future sales tax passed for transportation infrastructure is used to create stronger communities that serve the people who live there and address regional mobility needs. Tomorrow, Los Angeles County Metro will unveil the results of a needs analysis for active transportation needs in the county which could go a long way in determining what a future sales tax will look like.

The interview also touches on best practices for advocates around the state who are facing sales tax measures on the ballot this fall. How do you build a coalition for active transportation? How do you judge whether a measure can successfully address the mobility needs of all residents?

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