Today’s Headlines

  • Caltrans tests new crossing signal meant to bring driver’s attention to pedestrians who want to cross….with the light (YouTube)
  • MTC rejects Sebastopol’s funding application for bike paths; city to rethink its planning process (Sonoma West)
  • Reporter tries biking in L.A. and finds it doesn’t kill her (LA Times)
  • Transportation (and health care) special legislative sessions fizzle out (LA Times)
  • The hyperloop will never be superior to high speed rail (CityLab)
  • Allowing bicyclists to treat stop signs as yields won’t lead to chaos—this debate is happening in D.C., not S.F. (Greater Greater Washington)
  • Infrared camera shows extent of huge methane leak in Southern California (EDF)
  • VW—Hoaxwagen–gets to investigate itself (Systemic Failure)

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  1. Wow that’s some weird drama in Sebastopol:

    City council member Robert Jacob has asked that Sebastopol’s Complete Streets Committee not be a part of the process for the BPMP, going forward. Jacob expressed concern that the committee had been making disparaging remarks about members of the community.

    Okayyyyy. There’s gotta be more to *that* story.

    What’s sad about this is it further delays necessary bike paths adjacent to 116.

    Until it feels safe, most will not use bike lanes. We need a way for all users to ride or walk. Walking along Hwy 116 is unpleasant.

    More from them:

    Robert Jacobs conducted a poll for his campaign, and he found that pedestrian and bicycle improvements were the top concern in Sebastopol, followed by traffic congestion at ten points less. He asked: “Should we prioritize developing more pedestrian and bicycle improvements and pathways?”

    40 of 46 people answered affirmatively, or 87% It should be noted that the people who did not answer affirmatively did not answer negatively… but rather, they did not answer at all. In other words, there were no anti-bike lane comments, which means that support may even be higher than 87%.

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