Today’s Headlines

  • Replace cars with bikes? Such a ridiculous notion! (The Daily Beast)
  • Sacramento Bee catches up with “theory” of induced demand, Caltrans’ acknowledgement thereof–with plenty of quotation marks to keep the silly notion at arms’ length (Sacramento Bee)
  • Vasquez Canyon Road buckles, provides great visuals (SF Gate)  where skateboards briefly ruled (LAist)
  • Can roads built for cars work for bikes? (High Country News)
  • New data brings new and better information for analyzing traffic (GovTech)
  • UK breaks records for bike and train trips (Cycling Weekly)

More California headlines at Streetsblog LA and Streetsblog SF

  • Though I’m sure he means well, it’s hard to take the HCN piece seriously when the writer asserts that 700 bicyclists are dying in California annually then cycles through a bunch of other anti-bike sentiments.