Yes, CA Roads Are in Bad Shape. And the Solution Is. . .

Screen shot 2015-11-25 at 12.18.18 PM
A shot from Bad Roads Tour 2015: The Journey Continues

The California Alliance for Jobs has put out another charming video showing the bad condition of California roads. A jazzy, slightly ominous musical riff accompanies shot after shot of broken, crumbling pavement in various towns throughout the state.

The first thing that comes to mind may well be: whoa, I’ve seen worse.

Usefully, the video also captures the culprits that are causing the bad roads: cars and trucks, mercilessly grinding down all that pavement bit by bit.

It would have been nice if the Alliance made the connection there, instead of just ending with the wimpy question: “Isn’t it time to come up with a solution now?” They could have said: it’s time to raise the gas tax already!

Is that asking too much?

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