Today’s Headlines

  • Transportation sales tax measures floated in Sacramento, Placer counties—for highway expansion (Sacramento Bee)
  • Study finds high ridership on Expo line hasn’t brought congestion relief to nearby freeway (KPCC)
  • A kinder, gentler legislature in California? (SF Chronicle)
  • MTC, ABAG discuss merger as cities look on (Independent)
  • Fate of “Google buses” to be decided by transit board (Examiner)
  • Google antsy as state goes slow on self-driving rules (SF Gate)
  • New California data on ride services shows rise in collisions (KQED)
  • HSR money should not go to roads (CityLab)
  • Youth groups sue L.A. for not addressing toxic oil wells in their neighborhoods (Grist)

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3 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. The reason why the Expo Line “hasn’t helped” with traffic on streets and freeways in the area is pretty neatly explained here. In essence, the potential time savings get absorbed by other users who decide to take trips so that the thoroughfares remain at a state of equilibrium.

  2. Briefly mentioned in the article is actual Sacramento’s own plan to consider a sales tax for the 2016 ballot. Looked it up and found this:

    Really hope Sacramento thinks big in terms of continuing to expand its lightrail system and also implement the planned streetcar network:

    ^planned initial streetcar route to expand upon areas not served by the downtown/midtown lightrail routes and also connect with lightrail/Amtrak

    ^ current lightrail network (note Green Line does not currently yet reach Sac Intl Airport)

    Re: freeway widening article on the Sacramento area (actually, it’s Placer County, so that doesn’t include actual Sacramento but suburbs that at its closest point are 20 miles from downtown Sac all the way out to Lake Tahoe), good to see the article includes references to data that suggest widening tends just make the problem worse over time. We’ll see if Placer actually listens to the data-driven approach.

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