Today’s Headlines

  • Putting the BART plaza below street level was a bad idea (SF Chronicle)
  • Will there be an agreement on CA transportation funding? (Landline)
  • Caltrans admits that widening roads induces traffic….sort of (CityLab)
  • Railroad line between CA and Oregon opens after 7-year closure (Register-Guard)
  • Request for proposals released for CA road user charge pilot program (ITS International)
  • Report: Comparing costs of road user charge vs. fuel taxes (Tire Business)
  • Cyclists in Mexico City fight for the right to ride in safety (Guardian)

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3 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. No prob–if there’s ever any way around it it’d be interesting to check out the article. Otherwise, no worries.

    Also, side note re: paywall limits on the first article viewed—really, Chron?! Seeing as I’ve viewed (approximately speaking) 0 other Chron articles recently that’s some laughably restrictive paywall.

    Don’t flatter yourself, Chron…

  2. Chron article sounds interesting but it’s stuck behind a paywall. Searching for the title within Google News doesn’t seem to help, either.

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