#DamienTalks 23: Former Vermont Transportation Secretary Sue Minter

Today, #DamienTalks with Sue Minter, a candidate for Governor of Vermont. This kicks off an irregular series where I’ll be talking with elected and government officials either just before or just after they make a trip to California.We’ll discuss best practices in bicycle and pedestrian planning, and give our interviewees a chance to talk about their impressions of the Golden State.

Image: ##http://www.sueminter.com/about-sue##SueMinter.com##
Image: ##http://www.sueminter.com/about-sue##SueMinter.com##

Minter is a more natural choice than it might first appear. As the head of Vermont’s transportation agency, she’s had to handle the aftermath of flooded roads and highways after a tropical storm in 2011.

She also recently visited Los Angeles as a member of President Obama’s Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience chaired by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti. Minter understands the connection between these issues and transportation planning and urban design.

Also, as a candidate for Governor of Vermont, she’s hosting a couple of events in Los Angeles on November 16 and Pasadena on November 17.

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