Today’s Headlines

  • We’re in trouble this winter, and here’s a preview (NY Times) (Guardian)
    (ABC News)
  • Not everyone is stuck in traffic: total amount of time spent traveling, per capita, has decreased in U.S. (Transportationist)
  • Cell phone data is tracking traffic (Fortune)
  • Chinese companies readying bids for work on CA high speed rail (Business Insider)
  • But Palo Alto says: whoa, there, young fella (CA High Speed Rail Blog)
  • Sacramento is still struggling to find an agreement on transportation funding (LA Times)
  • House proposes six-year federal transportation bill, mostly to highways (The Hill)
  • All the unintended consequences of less driving by millenials (Salon)
  • Lawmakers seek investigation of Chevron’s failure to disclose climate change data
    (LA Times)
  • Oakland proposes eliminating parking requirements for downtown developments (East Bay Express)
  • Berkeley surveys public for ideas on safety and traffic flow in downtown (InsideBayArea)

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Photo: Melanie Curry/Streetsblog

Legislative Update: “Idaho Stop” and Pedestrian Signals to Be Heard Next Week

Two bills very pertinent to bicyclists and pedestrians are set for their first committee hearings in the California legislature on Monday's Assembly Transportation Committee. One would allow bike riders to roll through stop signs--when safe; the other would make clear that pedestrians are allowed to cross while their signals are counting down.

Dreaming of the Night Train: Sleeping from LA to the Bay Area

Like many Californians, I travel regularly between Los Angeles and San Francisco, often taking an early morning flight. The crack-of-dawn wake up, the airport traffic, and the security pat-downs and delays are exhausting. Wouldn’t it be nicer just to crawl into bed in L.A. the night before and wake up in the Bay Area? During […]