Today’s Headlines

  • We’re in trouble this winter, and here’s a preview (NY Times) (Guardian)
    (ABC News)
  • Not everyone is stuck in traffic: total amount of time spent traveling, per capita, has decreased in U.S. (Transportationist)
  • Cell phone data is tracking traffic (Fortune)
  • Chinese companies readying bids for work on CA high speed rail (Business Insider)
  • But Palo Alto says: whoa, there, young fella (CA High Speed Rail Blog)
  • Sacramento is still struggling to find an agreement on transportation funding (LA Times)
  • House proposes six-year federal transportation bill, mostly to highways (The Hill)
  • All the unintended consequences of less driving by millenials (Salon)
  • Lawmakers seek investigation of Chevron’s failure to disclose climate change data
    (LA Times)
  • Oakland proposes eliminating parking requirements for downtown developments (East Bay Express)
  • Berkeley surveys public for ideas on safety and traffic flow in downtown (InsideBayArea)

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Today’s Headlines

Santa Monica’s bike share is ready for the Expo line opening (Global Green) Berkeley develops “Resiliency Strategy” (Berkeleyside) Study looks at why bike share is so much safer than “regular biking” (Vox) People who live in walkable neighborhoods get more exercise (Science Codex) Two reports find that California’s climate change policies will save residents money […]

CA Transportation Funding Should Reflect State Goals

Transportation funding in California has, as SBCA readers must know by now, reached a “crisis.” Shrinking gas tax revenues, combined with an increasing reliance on local sales taxes limited to specific transportation projects, have left our overbuilt and under-maintained highways, roads, and bridges without enough funds to keep them in a basic state of good repair. […]

First Cap-and-Trade Funds Awarded for Transit Projects

The California Transportation Commission began the process of allocating funds from the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund at its monthly meeting on Friday. The first official allocations for the Transit and Intercity Rail Capital Program went to Sacramento, LA’s MetroLink, and San Diego for projects that will allow them to offer better transit service, thus encouraging […]