Today’s Headlines

  • Governor Brown vetoes HOT bill, says leave LA’s carpool lanes as is (Sacramento Bee)
  • Marin is chomping at the bit for a new vehicle lane across the Richmond Bridge, believing it will ease traffic (Marin Independent Journal)
  • Kern County set to receive $5.7 million for bicycle and pedestrian projects (Bakersfield Now)
  • USC ends transit pass program–to make money on parking? (Lisa Schweitzer)
  • Bay Area’s two regional planning organizations,Β MTC and ABAG, are sparring, not uniting (California Planning and Development Report)
  • California poised to pass sensible parking reforms for affordable transit-oriented housing (Ethan Elkind)
  • SF Mayor proposes affordable housing policy (SF Chronicle)
  • Nevada-California high speed rail is already missing deadlines (Las Vegas Review-Journal)
  • Grand Rapids, MI passes local safe-passing-distance law (drivers must slow down and give five feet of space when passing bikes) (Michigan Public Radio)
  • Study: lower crime rates can lead to less driving (Plan Philly)
  • Report: electric cars could make a big difference for climate change (San Gabriel Valley Tribune)
  • Before and after videos of car-free day in Paris (TakePart)
  • Paris’ day without cars draws attention to urban health issues (Scientific American)

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  1. lol!

    So, we can agree that it’s moot? But then would that mean that it’s worth discussing or NOT worth discussing? πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah, but Grammarist is a prescriptivist site. πŸ˜€

    Living languages are always changing, and arbitrarily insisting on one usage over another can get pretty silly. As Slate points out, if you insist on “champing” at the bit you’d presumably also be insisting on “stamping” grounds and other entirely pedantic rarities:

    A subclass of this group favors ur-renditions of common expressions. Adopting the diction of George Gissing or Walter Pater, they will choose stamping (instead of stomping) grounds, champing (instead of chomping) at the bit, pompons (instead ofpompoms), or titbits (instead of tidbits).

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