Today’s Headlines

  • CARB extends Low Carbon Fuel Standard to cut emissions (LA Daily News)  (NRDC)  (Trucking Info)
  • Redding downtown transportation plan includes road diets, parklets, green lanes, and opening a car-free mall to vehicles (Redding Record Searchlight)
  • SF mayor promises to veto any law allowing bikes to treat stop signs as yields (SF Gate)
  • More about bikelash–“paint stripe pollution”–in Coronado (CityLab)
  • Mike’s Bikes grows, acquiring Bicycles Plus (Bicycle Retailer)
  • Here’s the voting record for California legislators: Assemblymember Mike Gatto is the only one who never missed a vote (Sacramento Bee)
  • In Washington DC, schools will teach all second graders to ride a bike (Care2)
  • Streets in Philadelphia transformed by Pope’s visit: no cars (NY Times)
  • Cars banned from Paris streets for a day (Time)
  • Diesel pollution has gone unstudied (Wired)
  • Cities and states scramble to fill gaps left by gridlock in DC (Washington Post)
  • Study: public transit generates new physical activity (Science Direct)

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