Today’s Headlines

  • Turlock planning commission approves Active Transportation Plan; city council to weigh in soon (Turlock Journal)
  • LA city council approves Mobility Plan 2035, a huge policy shift towards active transportation, transit, Vision Zero (Streetsblog) (LA Times) (Patch)
  • Can LA become the new Portland? (Oregon Live) Or should Portland learn from LA? (BikePortland)
  • CA cities and counties have suggestions for funding road repairs (LA Times)
  • Business, union groups back “reasonable” increases in gas and diesel sales taxes (Sacramento Business Journal)
  • CA transportation funding discussions should include regional governance issues (California Economic Summit)
  • New law allows BART to buy power from renewable sources (The Transit Wire)
  • What will “new” LA River look like? (LA Times)
  • More about new restrictions on cars on Market Street in SF (Planetizen)
  • Bill Fulton says cities have tons of data, now they need everyone’s help to make sense of it all (Urban Edge)
  • US cities are just afraid to make driving unappealing (CityLab)

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2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. Turlock’s proposed ATP is indicative of the kind of wasted opportunities for true low-stress/8-to-80 networks out there. The plan is mostly just disjointed conventional bike lanes and sharrows that don’t form a cohesive, low-stress network. One of the major north-south commercial corridors (Geer Rd) doesn’t even get a single proposed bike treatment, despite the fact that it’s a logical thoroughfare going from downtown to the university and as a commercial stretch has lots of destinations people would want to get to:

    The separated paths are mostly on the edges of town alongside irrigation canals. While those are nice for recreation, the fact that no protected bike lanes are planned for major corridors is sad.

    If I were Alta I’d frankly be embarrassed to put my logo on this “plan.”

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