Today’s Headlines

  • Strategic Growth Council confirms recipients of Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities grants (CP&DR)  (see Streetsblog’s earlier coverage here)
  • California Air Resources Board reports falling greenhouse gas emissions in the state (SF Chronicle)
  • Streetfilms: The NY Times Magazine “Ethicist” discusses the ethics of urban transportation (StreetFilms)
  • Ways to move more people across the bottleneck of the San Francisco Bay (SPUR)
  • San Francisco ferry and cable car fares, bridge tolls to rise on July 1 (San Francisco Examiner)
  • Intercity Rail Capital Program awards $224 million in grants for transit:
    • San Diego gets some money for BRT, trolleys (KPBS)
    • Metrolink, Metro, Antelope Valley Transit Authority, and OCTA get some too (MyNewsLA)
    • The Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit Authority also benefits (Press Democrat)
  • Consumer Watchdog issues report on gas price manipulation by CA refiners (LA Times)

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2 thoughts on Today’s Headlines

  1. Why let carpools cross free/lower than $2.50 instead of just raising the non-carpool toll to whatever amount is needed to incentivize enough carpooling?

  2. Regarding the SPUR article, it mentions using pricing to shift mode and times, and promoting Casual Carpool. I remember reading (but don’t have reference at hand) that when the carpool lane went from free to discounted, carpool rates plummeted.

    So here are easy ideas:

    * Keep the carpool lane open all day long.

    * Carpools cross free during the day.

    * Price TBD during morning commute (current carpool hours), but probably lower than $2.50.

    * Bridge toll round trip priced higher than the BART round trip fare.

    That last one might be tough to do before new trains in 2016. It’s also the most important. All of these are more important than a second tube.

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