Damien Talks Episode 6: Meea Kang and Parking Reform Legislation

Today, DamienTalks with Meea Kang, the founder of the Council of Infill Builders. We talk about A.B. 744, legislation that would remove minimum parking requirements for affordable housing near major transit hubs. The bill passed the Assembly last week and is on the way to the Senate.

Meea via twitterKang has an impressive array of stats and figures about how too much parking damages neighborhoods and how, as we all know from reading Donald Shoup, the market does a better job determining the parking needs of a community than heavy-handed zoning laws.

Also, for our dedicated fans, you can see why I spend more time listening than talking in these interviews: in this one I try to talk about similar legislation I covered a couple of years ago only to discover it is actually the same legislation.

If you want to help get this legislation passed or have some ideas about the legislation contact Lisa Engel (lisa.engel@asm.ca.gov) at Assemblymember Ed Chau’s office.

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Thanks for listening. You can download the episode at the Damien Talks homepage on Libsyn.


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