Photos: Bike to Work Day Celebrations Throughout California

Bike to Work Day is for everyone. Photo by Jess Maron

For many people, bike to work day is every day. But Bike to Work Day is also a time to celebrate, encourage others, share enthusiasm for biking as transportation, and sometimes pick up some fabulous free swag.

Cities throughout the state celebrate on different days, and in different ways. Below is a sampling of some of the celebrations so far this month.

Copenhagen Mayor Morten Kabell and Mayor Albrecht Schröter of Jena, Germany, gave the thumbs on their ride with Berkeley Mayor Tom Bates (left to right, front row). Photo: Kara Oberg
A happy group headed into downtown Oakland together. Bike East Bay counted more than 17,000 participating bicyclists throughout Contra Costa and Alameda counties, and gave away 10,000 BTWD bags-o-goodies. Photo: Abel Guillen
A temporary parking-protected bike lane popped up in front of Berkeley’s City Hall in Berkeley, complete with chalked-in sharrows. Photo: Melanie Curry/Streetsblog
In Oakland’s Frank Ogawa Plaza, the Scraper Bikes put in an appearance. Their decorations are getting more amazing every year. Photo: Mary Ann Blackwell
County Supervisor Jane Kim received her BTWD swag from volunteer Drew Taylor in front of San Francisco City Hall. The Market Street bike counter in downtown counted more than 4,000 bikes on Thursday–and that’s probably an undercount, since there were many bikes passing outside the count zone. Photo: Jessica Kuo
Charlie Ream demonstrated one reason for low-stress bike facilities: coffee. He’s riding on the new Polk Street contraflow protected bike lane in San Francisco. Photo: Jessica Kuo

More photos of more places after the jump.

In downtown L.A., Alta Planning offered bicyclists encouragement and refreshments.                                             Photo: Joe Linton/Streetsblog
In Merced, some even got T-shirts. Photo: Merced Bicycle Coalition
Mike and Kayla Kaiser brought their bikes with them on Metrolink. Their organization, bikecar101, is working to increase bike access on Metrolink trains. Photo: Mike Kaiser


Volunteers cheered on bike riders on Valencia Street in San Francisco. Photo: San Francisco Bicycle Coalition
In Berkeley, participants had a chance to discuss the city’s Bike Plan update. Photo: Jess Maron
In Redding, Streets Alive! events in May included Family Cycling day, a bike parade, and Bike to Work Day. Here, Heather Phillips, baby, and dog show the best way to get around. Photo: Nigel Skeet
Friends gather to ride together. Photo: Melanie Curry/Streetsblog
In Modesto, whole families came out on bikes. Photo: Michael Sacuskie
Their hearts are probably in the right place. Photo: Melanie Curry/Streetsblog
For many, biking to work is the most fun part of the day. Photo: Jess Maron



2 thoughts on Photos: Bike to Work Day Celebrations Throughout California

  1. Charlie team would probably appreciate that Copenhagen Mayor Morten Kabell has helped Copenhagen adopt a goal of having bikeways so smooth and well-maintained that commuters don’t spill their coffee–it’s an actual adopted goal, I’m not making this up.

  2. Melanie — Great job on putting together a nice distribution of pictures celebrating ‘bike to work day’ in California. This collage of photos highlights the growing culture of people who choose to incorporate bicycles into their lives. Everyone looks happy in these photos — which displays one of the largest benefits of riding a bicycle — experiencing the city in a completely different way (that is from a car) while at the same time experiencing a boost in energy (health and happiness). Again, job well done.

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