Today’s Headlines

  • Ecofriendly ways to travel in L.A.–not sure how Uber counts–and bikes are only #4? (Daily News)
  • Now this is key legislation: a bill to allow “bike bus” passengers to drink alcohol while pedaling (Systemic Failure)
  • Everything you want to know about cap-and-trade now available in one place  (ILG)
  • More hints for Fresno on becoming a “nice downtown” (The Atlantic)
  • Police in SF say Uber driver deliberately ran over cyclist (SFGate)
  • The L.A. Times finally weighs in on the helmet bill (LAT)
  • New report from State Smart Transportation Initiative with data showing the obvious: that drivers going faster than 30 mph are more likely to ignore crosswalks  (SSTI)
  • More on bicycling while black in Florida (or anywhere) (Systemic Failure) (Vox)
  • Check out your town’s “livability index” (AARP)

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